One thing that we all need to get a happier life.

how get a happier life
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There are lot of things in life that we all see in the broder term for seeking a happy life and we all get through on these processes in our day to day life. The today’s technology age and where there is artificial intelligence is on his peak. we deal with depression and anxiety for the top level from the bottom of the heart

All we need to understand that the What is impermanence?


It is a state of mind that we accepting that everything is temporary and nothing is permant.if  you come to conclusion that life is nothing more permanent,and neither that in life permanent like childrens,relationships,health,job,business and so on.then we react gracefull like that nothing is happens,when something is change in your lie.

It will give you hope that the painfull movement in your life is not more , it will come to an end it will give you the courage and help you to get in touch with your life and easier to make you grow.


You will accept that mental state is not always be happiness and bliss.


In the mental stage the mood of the person changes time to time,you get lots of mood swings in your life and see lots of opportunities,so you are not happy in your daily life and you will not happy over all the time


Death is happens with everyone.


In your world around you ,you will see that death is happened with everyone and everytime,you can’t control over it.we can die one day not today but definitely we don’t know what will the day when we die and when we are not getting the best thing so all we need to understand that this is the thing which happens with us so keep aware and always live as much as you can,because we will die at the time that nothing happens.our life spane on this earth is like a mini dot and we one day we can turn into dust.


·         When you realize this you will aware about the time ,you will understand that you don’t any more time for living a happy life ,

·         You live in the present moment because you know there is a day when we die and maybe today is your last day.

·         We always feel gratitude  for  life and health and others,when we see that death comes all of us.

·         We stop complalining about the little bullshit and we always feel  happier in our life.


I will give you one advice that we our not living forever and  we will die easily one day, we don’t when we die,maybe it’s a road accident,maybe it’s a heart attack,maybe we lost someone who truly closed to us.maybe the badest things  happens with us that will not seen as good. I have learned to embrace impermanence. I know I will have the amazing moments in life and I get the good things in life that never come again and I always keep happier in life ,the journey we will together are will always be changing.embrace all of it