It is said that life is a simple bit of rule: - the rule of struggle.
Success or failure is not important. The important thing is continue struggle and strong determination .
And whoever believes this thing never fails.
I have seen a lot of difficulties in my life like relationship,career, financial, emotional setbacks and so long on, because of which I had to face a lot of problems, the peoples are always very opposed to me . There was also a lot of opposition to this website. But I was never scared and went ahead and am going forward.
My only and only purpose behind creating this website was that the people could be explained so much about how to find their dreams in the midst of struggle and simultaneously balance the life. The purpose of this website is to make the struggle more good.because in the end we're only a fraction of dot and converted into dust 😅, so you have a clear vision for yourself.
For this reason the name of this website has been kept dreamlifestruggle. Basically it is a non profit organization website,money is just a number which never matters for me and i didn't want to distracted my audience with meaningless advertisement.
After all, I am thankful to all those people who helped me. Many people have the hand in making small things of this website. Therefore, I thank all of them with heart.

Thanks to all of you. 
Always lovable to my audience.
Direct contact: [email protected]